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Club Q Colorado shooting:

Club Q Colorado shooting: Club-goer used shooter's gun to subdue him - mayor
The bravery of patrons prevented a deadly shooting in Colorado from being even worse, officials say.


People at a gay club in the US state of Colorado have been hailed as heroes for subduing a gunman and preventing a deadly shooting from being even worse.

subduing a gunman: 銃所持者を制圧した

subdue: 制圧する


Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said one patron grabbed the attacker’s own gun and hit him with it during the shooting in Club Q on Saturday night.

Another club-goer reportedly helped to keep the gunman pinned down until police arrived.

The gunman killed five people and injured 25 more before being arrested.

↑ 犯人をぶん殴ってやっつけた人と、もう一人 その犯人を警察が到着するまで取り押さえておくのをお手伝いした人がいるのですね。


The suspect, named by police as 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich, is now in police custody.

in police custody警察に身柄を拘束されている


“The call came into the police at 11:57pm. Police were on the scene by 12:00 – an amazingly quick response,” he told CNN.

 早っ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ


“This incident was over by 12:02, and that’s largely because of the intervention of at least one, possibly two, very heroic individuals who subdued this guy… appears to have taken his handgun with them… and used it to disable him… not shoot but hit him with the gun, and disable him.

But for that, as tragic as this incident is, it’s a horrible crime, it could have been much, much worse but for these heroic actors,” the mayor added.

but for〜: 〜がなければ


毎日は苦しい、シンドイかもですが、2日に1回 or 3日に1回 くらいのペースで英字新聞、僕の場合はニュースサイト、BBCとかCNN を読むのはとっても勉強になりますよね。

そんなことわかってるわい! って?(^_^;) ですよね





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